Product Group


We are the Importer and the Distributor of products to meet a full needs of consumers. We are deliver a covering range of products as Commercial Vehicle, Cars for specific purposed, Communication and IT equipment, Medical equipment and supplies, Weapon and any.


Commercial Cars
& Special Equipment
We offer a wider range of vehicle types that are fully equipped for both commercial and special purposes to meet comprehensive requirements for all applications and general organizations.

Medical Equipment & Supplies
High quality medical equipment and medical supplies of international standards to meet the needs of consumers in terms of good health and well-being

Communication &
IT Equipment
We are the leader in communication and IT equipment that allows you to communicate anytime, anywhere with efficient equipment and systems according to international standards.

Weapon Safety
& Protection

We are ready to provide advice and sell standardized and legal ammunition products. To provide safety in the life of you and your loved ones. Ready to protect your assets in every situation


High quality cotton clothes, suitable for making team T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Jacket and Vest which according to customer needs.


Others product category with high quality

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